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    About Us

     Located at the cross between the scenic Qiantang River, Puyang River and Fuchun River, Hangzhou Yunlong Machinery Co.,Ltd. is near Shanghai - Hangzhou  - Ningbo Expressway and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Intemational Airport. so it has a convenient traffic. Our factory was establishing in 2002, covering an area of more than 7000 square meters, of which building area is 5000 square meters, our factory is specialized in producing "Qianlang" brand series high quality oil gun hardware tools. With abundant technology, we suction is a specialized ODM & OEM manufacturer of  Lubrication equipment. We keep introducing the advanced equipments,fine production mode and scientific management mode in the world. it specializes in producing air grease guns, manual grease guns, oil suction guns and  so on....

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